Lead Free Bright Finish Pewter Casting Alloy

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High grade lead-free alloy, suited for casting of highly-detailed pieces where a bright polished finish is required such as jewellery and ornaments.

Being lead free this an ideal alloy for children's toys or fishing weights.

Manufactured in accordance with requirement of BS EN611-1:1996 Pewter and Pewterware.

Supplied in small blocks for easy melting in flat bottom ladles. Pour at the lowest temperature consistent with filling the mould satisfactorily. Always dust the mould with talc before casting and pour metal in one fluent action without a break. Allow sufficient time for metal to set before removing from the mould. Beware even the mould can become very hot. Do not attempt to water cool, and do not pour hot metal into damp or wet moulds.

Density 7.24g/cc

Solidus 240°C 

Liquidus 255°C

Pouring temperature 290 – 320°C approx.

pdf-image-white.jpg Safety Data Sheet