Beige Fast Cast Resin 1kg kit

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Kit consists of 500g of PART A and 500g of PART B

Total kit volume 925ml

PART A is a cream liquid and PART B is a amber liquid that have virtually no odour and react to form a strong, tough, non-greasy polyurethane rigid plastic beige in colour.

The colour of the cured plastic can be changed with the addition of a colour pigment to part A prior to mixing the two components. We have a range of compatible colour pigments here

This product has a simple mixing ratio of 1:1 by weight. Please note the two liquids have different densities hence different volumes which is why the mixing ratio is equal parts by weight not volume.

A 3-4 minute pot life where the casting can generally be de-moulded in 30-40 minutes de-mould time depending on the size of the casting.

The liquid mixture has a very low viscosity of 50 mPas enabling it to flow in fine details and deep undercuts whilst also minimizing bubbles.

Once cured it is the strongest of all our resins, having both a high tensile and a high flexural strength making it excellent for prototypes, scale models and producing detailed decorative objects etc.

The cure profile of this resin is unsuitable for roto/slush casting for a suitable resin click here

Properties Units Beige
Pot Life (25°C) Minutes 3-4
Demould Time (25°C) Minutes 30-40
Viscosity (25°C) Mpa.s 50
Density (25°C) g/cm3 1.08
Hardness Shore D 70-75
Linear Shrinkage % 0.05
Flexural Strength Mpa 55
Flexural Modulus Mpa 1100
Tensile Strength Mpa 33
Elongation at Break % 7-8
Heat Distortion °C 70-75

pdf-image-white.jpg Technical Data Sheet pdf-image-white.jpg Safety Data Sheet PART A pdf-image-white.jpg Safety Data Sheet PART B