Silicone Hand/Body Casting & Alginate Life Casting Moulding kit 1.925kg

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Kit consists of 1kg of Silicone, 25g Flesh Pigment and 900g of Alginate.

This kit provides sufficient materials to mould and cast an average sized adult hand including the wrist and part of the forearm or equivalent sized body part.



Alginate Moulding Material

Made from 99% naturally derived ingredients including sea weed extracts. It was originally designed for mouth mouldings in dentistry, it has been re-engineered to make the perfect external body casting material, capturing every wrinkle and print of the skin. It can also be used for creating single use moulds of sculptures or other objects.


Prosthetic Grade Silicone Rubber

A non-toxic skin safe silicone which has a simple mixing ratio of 1:1. 

Resistant to bacterial growth and is hypo-allergenic to prevent irritation. The material does not try out and is very soft and elastic.

It has a wide range of uses from medical prosthetics and cushioning applications to creating skin effects, other movie special effects and animatronics.


Flesh Pigment

The pigment is non toxic and is suitable for use in rubber that will contact skin.