Softening Additive 500g

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The addition of this additive to the liquid silicone rubber before it cures will create a more supple rubber with greater elasticity and a lower shore hardness. The product is inert making it safe for use in skin grade rubbers and food contact rubbers complying with FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570. The additive should be thoroughly mixed into the liquid rubber before it cures. With platinum addition cure rubber it can be added to either part A or part B or both.

Below is a guide to the effects, the results may vary slightly with different rubbers.

Tin/Condensation Cured Silicone

Softener Added      Reduction in Hardness     
0.5% 5%
1% 10%
2% 20%
3% 30%
4% 40%
5% 50%

Platinum/Addition Cured Silicone

Softener Added      Reduction in Hardness     
5% 8%
10% 17%
15% 25%
20% 33%
25% 42%
30% 50%

*Adding above 5% will start retarding the reaction giving a longer pot life and cure time. The effect is exponential and large additions will create significant delays of up to 6 times longer at 30%. A small test is recommend first as these are guides and the composition of each individual silicone product is different hence the results can vary greatly.*

pdf-image-white.jpg Safety Data Sheet