Slow Curing Miniatures Resin 10kg kit

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(£114.17 Exc. VAT)

Kit consists of 5kg of PART A and 5kg of PART B

Total kit volume 9.52 Litres

Virtually no odour and reacts to form a strong, tough, non-greasy polyurethane plastic either grey or white in colour.

This resin have been formulated for casting in the thinnest sections having built in flexibility to prevent breakage.

The slow versions pot life is approximately 14 minutes and the casting can generally be de-moulded in 2-4 hours depending on the size and especially the thickness of the casting.

This product has a simple mixing ratio of 1:1 by weight. Please note the two liquids have different densities hence different volumes which is why the mixing ratio is equal parts by weight not volume.

The liquid mixture has a very low viscosity of 300 mPas enabling it to flow in fine details and deep undercuts whilst also minimizing bubbles.

Once cured it is has both a good tensile and flexural strength with built in flexibility making it excellent for prototypes, scale models and producing detailed decorative objects etc.

The cure profile of this resin is unsuitable for roto/slush casting for a suitable resin click here

Properties Units Miniatures Slow
Pot Life (25°C) Minutes


Demould Time (25°C) Hours 2-4
Viscosity (25°C) Mpa.s 300
Density (25°C) g/cm3 1.05
Hardness Shore D 75
Linear Shrinkage % 0.18
Flexural Strength Mpa 32
Flexural Modulus Mpa 560
Tensile Strength Mpa 23
Tensile Elongation % 20
Bending Elongation % 10
Impact Strength KJ/m² 12
Heat Distortion °C 70-75      

pdf-image-white.jpg Technical Data Sheet  pdf-image-white.jpg Safety Data Sheet PART A  pdf-image-white.jpg Safety Data Sheet PART B