Flesh Silicone Pigment

(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£2.75 Exc. VAT)

Add to the rubber at a ratio of 2% to achieve vibrant colours.

These colour pigments can be added to both addition platinum cured and condensation tin cured rubbers.

The pigments are non toxic and are suitable for use in rubber that will contact both food and skin.

Small amounts can be added for more mellow tones, the more pigment added the stronger and more vibrant the colour will become. Multiple colours can be mixed to create custom colours. The recommended maximum addition of 2%, additions above that will start to lower the shore hardness of the rubber.

*Please note the image is of the 100g pots which have been shaken to coat the whole of the inside of the container to better display the colour. This may not be the actual level of pigment in the containers once settled. These pigment are sold based on weight not volume, we use universal containers for various kit sizes that are supplied by weight, while the supplied containers may not be full they will contain the correct amount according to the listing.*

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