Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin 4 Litre Kit

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Kit consists of 2 Litre of Resin and 2 Litre of Hardener

Premium food grade clear epoxy resin and hardener non-toxic, free of VOCs & solvents with minimal odour. Formulated for home and professional use. Harmless to you and the environment, when used as directed. Create beautiful pieces with a glass-like finish and no yellowing over time. Popular for DIY art, tabletop coating, mould casting, canvas, coasters and jewellery making.

The two components mix easily with a simple 1:1 ratio based on volume. The advanced formula releases air bubbles automatically when the resin is warm and at a depth of 6-8mm. For casting above 10mm we recommend pouring in stages 45-60 minutes apart. Otherwise the access heat created from the reacted will drastically reduce the cure time increasing the chances of locking in air bubbles or in extreme cases getting so hot it damages the mould etc.

It takes 24 hours to cure hard and is fully cured after 72 hours. After 14 days it's resistant scratches and heat up to 93°C.

It can be coloured with pigment such as mica, alcohol inks and is compatible with our range of polyurethane pigments found here. We do not recommend adding paint into the liquids as it will not disperse well when mixed.

Properties Units Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin
Pot Life (25°C) Minutes 35-40
Hard Cure Time (25°C) Hours 24
Full Cure Time (25°C) Hours 72
Density (25°C) Mpa.s 1400
Hardness Shore D 75
Compressive Strength Mpa 80
Flexural Strength Mpa 135


pdf-image-white.jpg Technical Data Sheet pdf-image-white.jpg Safety Data Sheet Resin pdf-image-white.jpg Safety Data Sheet Hardener