Copper Powder

(Inc. 20% VAT)
(£3.75 Exc. VAT)

Mixed into the resin to produce cold cast metal effects. Once the casting has cured it can be buffed with wire wool to bring out the shine and further polished as well as add a patina for an aged look.

This powder has a mesh of 325.

We've found a very economical way to use the powder is to dust the powder over the surface of a silicone mould and turn it upside down and tap the access off to reuse. A thin but dense layer will stay on the surface of the mould, carefully as not to disturb the layer the resin can carefully be poured into the mould. Another method would be to mix a minimum of equal parts resin and powder, ideally more powder the better the effect will be and brush into the mould. It can then be back filled with unfilled resin. It’s a better effect when the resin is black, dark brown or dark green as this will blend the appearance of the resin.