Acrylocast Water Based Acrylic Resin 375g kit

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Acrylic resin composed of a water based acrylic solution and a binding powder. It contains no solvents or hazardous chemicals making it completely non-toxic and safe to use.

The product has a simple mixing ratio of 2:1 powder to liquid by weight. Once combined the mixture has a low viscosity allowing it to flow into fine details and narrow undercuts. Once cured the resin which is white in colour is hard, strong and water resistant making it suitable for casting models, replicas, ornaments, prototypes and much more. It’s very stiff so it’s not recommend for items that require some flexibility.

  • Non-toxic
  • Solvent and VOC free
  • Low odour
  • Good reproduction of fine details
  • Strong and stiff
  • UV resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Friendly to silicone moulds
  • Tools can be cleaned with water

Mixing Time: 1-2 Minutes

Working Time: 6-8 Minutes

Demould Time: 20-40 Minutes*

*Depending on the thickness
The material reaches its full strength after all the water has evaporated. This generally takes 5-7 days but can vary greatly depending on the size of the casting and the temperature and humidity of the environment.

Note for Silicone Moulds

Silicone rubber is hydrophobic so with the acrylic resin being water based it will want to repel the resin potentially leading to unsightly bubbles of air on the surface. Dusting the mould talcum powder and knocking off the excess to leave a fine coating helps draw the resin in and prevent air bubbles clinging to the mould surface.