Thixotropic Additive 100g

A thixotropic additive which will thicken both tin/condensation cure and platinum/addition cure liquid silicone making it suitable for applying with a brush or spatula to create glove moulds or moulds from vertical or overhead surfaces.

The product has a very potent thixotropic effect, typically in the range of 0.1-3% is required. We recommend measuring out the rubber required into your mixing vessel and adding one or two drops of thixotropic additive and stirring thoroughly. Once mixed spread some material up the side of the mixing vessel and watch its characteristics, if it runs straight back down repeat the process of adding a few more drops and mixing and analysing its flow until you have the desired consistency.

For best results we recommend applying an initial coat of unthickened or very slightly thickened silicone to capture fine details and avoid trapping air bubbles on the surface of the mould. Once the initial coat is applied multiple thicker layers can be applied. This can be done whilst the previous layer is still wet or once it has cured.

For creating outer support cases plaster bandages can be wrapped around the cured rubber to hold it's shape during casting. Click Here 

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