Low Odour Beige Fast Cast Resin 2kg Kit

Low Odour Beige Fast Cast Resin 2kg Kit


Kit consists of 1kg of PART A and 1kg of PART B

Approximate kit volume 1.85 Litres 

Please note the two liquids have different densities hence their volumes are different.

PART A is a cream liquid and PART B is a dark amber liquid that react to form a strong, tough non-greasy plastic beige in colour. Its colour can be changed with the addition of polyurethane pigments .

The liquid mixture has a very low viscosity of 50 mPas enabling it to flow in fine details and deep undercuts whilst also minimizing bubbles.

Once cured it has both a high tensile and flexural strength making it excellent for delicate prototypes, scale models, toys and producing detailed decorative objects etc.

Please view the table below for the technical specifications.

The cure profile of this resin is unsuitable for roto/slush casting.

Viscosity (25°C): 50 mPas         

Shore Hardness: 70-75D

Pot Life @ 25°c:  3-4 minutes  

Demould Time:  30-40 minutes*

 *Depending on quantity of material and thickness of casting


  • Can be pigmented to a wide range of colours 
  • Minerals fillers can be added to increase the volume or weight  
  • Can be made into a thixotropic paste 
  • Metallic Fillers can be added so the casting appears to be made from a metal 
  • Strong and tough
  • Can be painted
  • Very Low viscosity
  • Excellent fine detail reproduction
  • Simple mix ratio of 100 : 100 by weight


Viscosity (25°C) Mpa.s 50
Density (25°C) g/cm3 1.08
Pot Life                (200g @ 25°C) Minutes 3-4
Demould Time            (200g @ 25°C) Minutes 30-40
Hardness Shore D 70-75
Linear Shrinkage % 0.05
Flexural Strength Mpa 55
Flexural Modulus Mpa 1100
Tensile Strength Mpa 33
Elongation at Break % 7-8
Heat Distortion °C 60-65


Added to Part A to achieve the desired colour for the cured plastic.  Multiple colours can be mixed to create custom colours.


Lightweight, hollow, spherical, low density, free-flowing, alumino-silicate microspheres which when added at 50% of the weight of the resin will increase the volume of the resin by 100-150% and remain pourable.


Thixotropic additive, when added to the resin at 5% creates a paste that can be brushed or spread into or on to moulds to create hollow casts.


An initial layer of a resin and metal filler mix are applied to the surface of the mould then the mould can be back filled with non metal filled resin. Once cured the cast piece is carefully polished with fine wire wool to bring out the finish of the metal. The higher the ratio of metal filler to resin used the higher the quality of the finish.

A more efficient method if using a silicone mould is to cover the surface of the mould in the powder, turn over and tap. A thin layer will stick to the surface and the excess will fall off which can be collected and used again.  Very gently pour in the resin being careful not to disturb the powder. The resin will soak into the powder leaving a very thin dense layer of metal on the surface of the cast that can then be polished.

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