Polyurethane Rubber *Medium* Shore A 65 1.34kg Kit

Kit consists of 1kg of PART A and 340g of PART B 

Total kit volume 1.23 Litres

 Mixing Ratio By Weight:
 Pot Life @ 25°c:
 Demould Time @ 25°c:
8 minutes
1 hour*

*Depending on quantity of material and thickness of casting

PART A is a cream liquid and PART B is a amber liquid that react to form an off white flexible rubber. 

The colour of the cured plastic can be changed with the addition of a colour pigment to part A prior to mixing the two components. We have a range of compatible colour pigments here

The pot life is approximately 8 minutes and the casting can generally be demoulded in one hour.

The rubber processes good tensile strength and is comparable in hardness to natural rubber.

Application examples include: flexible models, impact dampers, mats, replacing worn natural rubber products, flexible moulds for use with concrete, plaster, silicone or with a release agent other plastics.

  • Virtually Odourless
  • Low viscosity
  • Flexible
  • Tough and Durable

pdf-image-white.jpg Safety Data Sheet Part A  pdf-image-white.jpg Safety Data Sheet Part B

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